Interoc Perú was constituted in October of 2006. Initially we were focused entirely on the sale of chemical products for industry, but in time we expanded our product portfolio. Today we have 2 main buisness units: Agriculture and Water Treatment.



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In 2010 we began our Agriculture business, through which we commercialize agrichemicals, nutritional products and seeds (rice and corn). In this area we have professionals that conduct the research and development of seeds that adapt to the climatic and soil conditions of the coast, jungle and mountains of Perú. Due to this, our hybrid seeds have excellent stability and productivity potential. We also have a climate-controlled warehouse that keeps our seeds at a consistent temperature and humidity during storage to conserve the germinating ability and vitality for longer, assuring an excellent-quality seed.

We inaugurated our Water Treatment Unit in Perú in 2013, offering an important variety of products and services, catering to the industrial sectors, primarily the paper, petroleum, fishing and mining industries.

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